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  About Nougat 

Nougat is a musical duo based in Melbourne, Australia.  

Ruth Roshan (mandolin, vocals) and Tania Ravbar (guitar, vocals) play exquisite original pieces and fresh arrangements of music from around the world, particularly from Spanish and South American traditions.

  Nougat's Musicians 
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Tania Ravbar is a guitarist and composer of exceptional ability. She has post graduate credentials from the Victorian College of the Arts and won first prize in the Australian Guitar Competition (1990). Tania has a deep appreciation for, and understanding of world music (especially Spanish and South American styles). She uniquely combines her classical and technical discipline with her love of world music for a beautiful and evocative result. Ruth Roshan is a master mandolinist and has played mandolin professionally since a teenager. Whatever the style or tempo, Ruth will play with a great deal of musicality and with unique style, showing the (often underrated) instrument’s potential. Ruth is also a capable singer, with a gentle, sweet voice.
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